I am currently booked and not accepting new students.

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Lesson Rates

60 Minutes - $120

90 Minutes - $175

Trial Lesson- $75

Student Discounts are available with a valid School I.D.

Trial Lesson:

A first lesson where you get a basic understanding of how and what I teach and I get an understanding of your goals, strengths and weaknesses to cater a lesson plan to your specific needs. I will give an overview of the anatomy involved in singing and get you started with the basics of breathing and supporting.  You will leave with an overview of what is involved in singing, a sheet of technical terminology and simple material to get healthy breathing and supporting started in your practice at home.


What to expect in a LESSON:

Every lesson will start with vocal warm ups to strengthen the voice and build skill in this technique.  You will learn how to accomplish  several different warm ups so that you can confidently warm up at home.  Once you are able to properly warm up by yourself, you may warm up before your lessons to allow more time to progress in songs.  

The number one area we master first is breathing and supporting.  Then we move on to more in depth vocal technique, vocal hygiene, practicing properly, phrasing, artistry, musicality and developing a healthy self image of the voice.  We accomplish this through various exercises, repertoire of your choice and open discussion.  

Learning to sing involves a huge mental component in addition to the athletic component of developing and maintaining your voice physically.  I am your advocate and I will do as much as I can to help you achieve success!  


Trial Lessons Rate:

60 Minutes - $75


Lesson Rate:

60 Minutes - $120

90 Minutes - $175