A little bit about me...

I grew up loving music and wishing I could sing. Unfortunately, I did not have the voice to pursue my passion.  I studied with several voice teachers as a teenager but saw little improvement.  I had no concept of technique and never knew how my voice would behave on a given day. 

Then I found the teacher and technique that changed everything. I studied the Art of Bel Canto for over ten years with Judy Hages and gained complete control and understanding of my instrument.  I am now a strong advocate of technique- something that is often overlooked by those with natural talent.  It is the key vocal freedom. 

Additional credentials include: eight years of classical and improv piano, two years of music theory for songwriting, one year of phonetics, and a Bachelors Degree from Fordham University. 

Currently I am teaching, performing and happily sharing my passion for music!

piano keys